Statement shoes!

Statement shoes! by MaryLu1 featuring crop tops

It it said that every person has a talent. It may take you more time than others to discover it, but in the end you know that this talent, combined with your personality and perception of life will define you 100%.

In my case, it was pretty odd actually. I’m great at maths, chemistry and all sciences requiring problems and lots of tests in generally so I always thought that being this type of down-to-earth person would never make me talented in literature. It turned out I was WRONG.

I went to several contests of  Romanian creation and I always brought prizes home , I wrote for the school magazine but I felt more people should know my thoughts and my point of view. And that was the moment my path met BLOGGING path. I was so fascinated and thirilled to get feedback, to know that I write something that can be understood by everyone, I JUST LOVED IT.

Therefore, I choosed to show my real talent, WRITING mixed with one my favourites things to do online: blogging. BUT this was the hard part: 98% of the articles I’ve written for my blogs were in Romanian I was like “How on Earth am I going to showcase mytalent for Stardoll Most Wanted MISS COUTURE????? “. So, right in that moment, I decided I should do something for the judges who suported me through this competition and for the blog’s readers as well- I started this short fashion blog where I said out loud my ideas and pretty much everything occured my mind in these past 3 days.

SO YES. This is a DEDICATION blog.

What about the pictures?

Well, while taking up blogging I also got fascinated by photography. I know I’m just at the beggining and I don’t have such a great camera, but as long as you get myvision, I’m so so happy!

So, please find some spare minutes and read this- everysingle article( they are not that manysadly- being overhelmed by school this week-4 tests).

Also, I would like to invite you to read 2 of the columns I wrote for Stardoll Fashion TV,to geta better idea of how I reallywrite, when I’m not on a rush:

A long….view!!!

Manly Inspired

Andan old article of mine: GOLD!

Bissous, MaryLu


Not much writing at this post, rather focusing on photography I took up ever since the blogging adventure has started.


My favoruite vest ever: FRINGED by Motivi and shirt (by ZARA, of course!)

Very recent pic- I was playing with the new trend that reported for this fall “Hue New”-all in one colour-but with close tones or shades of it.

PS: Don’t know what about the 2nd pic? My pants look so weird, like pijamas or something!!!!

My favorite bracelet, brought to me when I was 12 from London by my best friend Sara

Pretty earrings

‘Give a girl right shoes and she can conquer the world’

-Marilyn Monroe

Belt it up! One of my favoruites trends of past and current season!

ZARA Jacket, featured in one of my previous posts.

I’m prooving you that YES, you can match a bracelet with your  lip gloss! And that’s thanks to one of my role models- my aunt.

She’s like me, in many matters. She’s a doctor- I want to be a doctor. She intorduced me to my big love…*wait* ZARA and we sometimes compete to see who can handle trying on more clothes. I totally love her, and that’s not just because she teached me how to make-up and she always brings me all kinds of gloss.

Last week she surprised me and found this BREATHTAKING shade, matching with my favourite accesories (because they’re all turqoise and funky).

My question seems pretty common but I’m just at basics when it comes to make-up yet: do you have only one colour you go for with your lipstick/gloss or you like to mix all kinds of shades?

Although I have been super busy these days with all kinds of activities,asignments, tests and such I said to myself that I have to find some time to read at least 5 pages/a day of an unique book…COCO CHANEL by Edmonde  Charles Rouge.

I do have to confess one of my passions: fashion history. Two years ago I was all so obsessed about Marie Antoinette’s period and French Rococco. Last year I studied, read, watched iconic movies, all from 50′ and 60′ . Now, I feel  so inspired of one of my favourites fashion women- Coco Chanel.

I think every fashionista should know at least few facts about the world greatest designers and the fashion through decades or at least centuries. So, I tried to educate myself , learning how much I could about FASHION.  Coco Chanel- I always admired her for creating Little Black Dress, men inspired costumes, Chanel 2.55 and ALLURE -the perfume but I never got curious to find out about her life before I’ve seen this:……


Isn’t the look alike between Gabrielle Chanel and Audrey Tatou AMAZING?

Okay- florals- blessed pattern. They always make you look feminine and sweet.  This spring and summer was all about them! But now that  fall is here, what to do?

Pack up those precious clothes and keep them for summer or match them with some boyfriend blazers or cardigans?

I’m a floral trend lover myself, but I feel like this year was way too much conquered by this trend. Something I would give a shot still, would be florals in darker tones like brown, green, camel, you know, earth inspired ones.

Maybe I will purchase one top or two, but I think my floral mania has got to come to an end. In this time, I also found an alternative to focus this winter:

Zara skirt

Still, I have to brag with some of my florals haha:

Zara denim&floral jacket. Isn’t this ADORABLE? I wish I had a picture with me wearing it, but you still got to see the sleeves and the front part, right?

C&A floral blouse, Swatch ring, MANGO necklace and lots of LABELS. What is that purple tiny shinny thing? I got it from a friend and instead keeping money in it I choose to keep..LABELS haha. I would have added more labels to the background, but then it would have all been covered in ZARA.

Are you a floral fan and you’re having second thoughts just like I am, or are you extremely relieved that this trend is almost over?